UPS and LC

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) & Line conditioner ( LC)

Given the multiple challenges related to commercial power availability and commercial power quality in Pakistan –we deal with a number of local and imported products and solutions designed to meet your real needs and your budgets.
We provide ups, stabilizer and line conditioner for below applications

Internet data center, network servers and workstation, control system, offices, telecommunications, health sectors, schools and critical industry based solution.

UPS Products

1. Line interactive UPS ( 1-10 KVA)
2. Online double conversion UPS ( 1-100 KVA)
3. Online double conversion UPS with built in isolation transformer ( 1-10 KVA)
4. Online modular high frequency UPS ( 1- 100 KVA)

Power Line conditioner

1. Line conditioner single phase
2. Line conditioner three phase

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