Renewable energy solution

Home Solar Solutions

Azadi from load shedding.

Reduces electric bills, thus increase your saving.

Not at home, net metering pays back to suppliers ( WAPDA/KESC).

Remote monitoring system for solar system.

In last peace of mind and no more worries of load shedding.

Industrial Solar Solution

Drastically cut your overhead today.

Protection from rising energy costs in the future.

Increase revenue .

For industries investing in solar would give them early edge on other competitors..

Free source and much cheaper energy than WAPDA/KESC and Disel/Gas generators..

Low maintenance cost...

Remote monitoring solution for solar system..

We offer best and optimize solutions for industries, too boost the productivity at cheaper cost.

Solar Tube Well

Saves electricity bill

Azadi from load shedding..

Increase the crops production..

اب سولر سیسٹم سے زرعی پیداوار کو یکینی بنائے نھ ا لیکٹرک سپلائ اور نھ حی جنریٹر کا خرچھ خوشحال زرعی پیداوار خوشحال گھرانھ

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