Energy Audits

Energy audits

• An Energy Audit, or Review, is an investigation of all facets of an organization's historical and current energy use with the objective of identifying and quantifying areas of energy wastage within the organization's activities.

• An Energy Audit establishes the baseline for any improvements in an organization's energy use. It provides a comprehensive and systematic method for targeting cost effective efficiency gains. There are many examples where clients have been able to make savings without requiring any significant capital investment.

• Based on recent energy audits done in Pakistan, we found that standard were not set up and thus it lead to damages of critical electrical appliances. To overcome this criticality we have provided the power solutions to commercial sectors such as Telco and Bank organization.

• An Auditor should work with their clients to ensure those savings are achieved and sustained in the long term. Anybody receiving an energy Audit should expect to receive recommendations for savings between 5 15% as a typical starting point.

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